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All the imported fabrics used are mostly cotton, cotton mix fabrics are also used. Fabrics have different thread counts and density. Rest assured, quality is never compromised.

We believe in quality and that quality is in the details. Every component, from the fabrics to the threads to the quality of stitching is kept under thorough monitoring.

The imported shell buttons and the resin buttons are of high quality as well and provide every Shirt vibrancy and a cool, polished look. Normally our shirts have 14 SPI ( stitches per inches) as it makes the shirt durable and aesthetically more appealing than higher SPI, although we can use 18 SPI as well. Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, we want you to TRUST AQ.

Don’t need to worry. We care about your privacy. Your personal information is secure with us and will be kept safe within the company.

Ready to wear Shirts can be returned or exchanged with in three days of purchase.

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